Welcome to the Farm!

Hey there – my name is Laura Gould and I will be bringing you the Gould Farms blog. To borrow from ‘The Pioneer Woman’ herself, I am an accidental farm wife. I grew up in Marshalltown with very limited farm experience. I am still learning new things about the ground, crops and what it takes to be a farmer. I am married to Josh Gould, who is the youngest Gould working the farm currently. His great-great-grandfather (James) started this amazing family farm and I’m blessed to be a part of it.

Josh and I on our wedding day!

I work an office job in Marshalltown so my contributions to the farm aren’t as extensive as the others. I feel this gives me a great perspective to write this blog. Many of you don’t work on a farm (since only 2% of Americans are farmers) and some of you may have never been on a farm. I will give you my one foot in – one foot out understanding of the farm and what makes us successful.

My goal is to keep you up to date on the excitement at our farm while imparting some knowledge and laughs along the way. If you have anything special you would like to read about or questions please leave a comment. Thanks for coming to the site – check our Instagram page for great pictures!

Until next time!


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