Where has the summer gone? We all say that year after year. We are in the same boat but I have a simple answer, making memories. The weeks have flown by because they have been packed full.  The main points this summer were baseball games, detasseling seed corn, recreational volleyball, chores every morning and night, t-ball games, spraying fields, ISU basketball camp, County Fair, lots of mowing yards and waterways, Vacation Bible School, family and friends visiting, sweet corn, equipment being serviced in our shop, and most recently State Fair.  Each and every one of those things has given us great memories.

There was a terrible tornado that crashed its way through Marshalltown. We were not directly affected but know many people that were.  We spent a few days helping friends clean up their properties but overall Marshalltown was very lucky. It will take quite a while before everyone is back up and running but there is no doubt that it will happen.  Our prayers are with all those that were in the path of this disaster. We are thankful no one was severely injured and will forever remember July 19th at 4:40pm.

We wish we could have more time to soak in some rays, relax, read a few more books in the hammock, go boating, or play games in the back yard.  Being busy reminds me of how blessed we are.  Many kids can’t play sports nor have animals. Many adults can’t afford a house therefore don’t have a lawn that needs mowed every week.  Many people don’t even know about their county or state fairs and what all they have to offer. I will take being busy and not know where my summer has gone every year.

With the kids starting school and fall quickly approaching we will have a whole different list to keep us busy. Football has started, seed corn harvest is here, more mowing, pottery class for me, and certainly can’t forget our beans and commercial corn harvest.  Our family and farm will pull together to get each of these done.  New memories are waiting to be made with the new season.  We truly are blessed to have the opportunity to work this land, help raise these kids and enjoy life.

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