See The Beauty

The soybeans have begun to flower. I’ll be honest I never gave much thought to how soybeans mature, or any plant really. The first time I ever saw a soybean flower was about 7 years ago. Josh and I had been dating a while and trying to save him some time I had started mowing the lawn, at what is now our house. I was cruising along (Josh says I mow too fast but hey it gets done) and saw something purple peeking out from the bean plant. Of course I stopped right away to go investigate. Low and behold there were tons of tiny purple flowers all over the field, just waiting to be discovered.

I have grown to love soybean flowers and seek them out each year. They are small, come in a few colors depending on the variety, and are hidden under the top layer of leaves. That last point is what I love most; the fact that something so beautiful and important can be just below the surface. When someone is looking out across a bean field during this growth stage the flowers are not visible. You have to ‘dig’ to see the beauty. Once you know what you’re looking for and when to look, it’s so easy. And it’s the same with all of nature; plants, people, animals, the soil, everything. Seeing the magnificence isn’t always the easiest thing but if you take the time to ‘dig’ then you can appreciate the splendor.

For soybeans, that little gorgeous flower is crucial to the process as well. Without those dainty flowers there would be nothing to harvest. Without the harvest there would be nothing to plant. Without the small seeds beneath the top soil there would be no growth. Around and around the circle we go.  We must see and nurture the brilliance to have a positive outcome. For to see the flower is to know a pod is forming, which gives us a harvest, which yields seeds to sow, which grow into plants and they produce flowers. The gift of each bloom will give us 2-3 beans. If only we could learn to capitalize on our potential like a soybean flower. We may have to ‘dig’ to discover our gifts but we can be the positive outcome.

Here is our constant challenge in our work, in our community, in our backyard and in ourselves: See the beauty!

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