Our Story

Farming Sustainably Since 1890

We are the Gould Family

Our story begins in 1890. 5 generations of Goulds have owned and operated our Gould Farm; James, Jay, Neil & Clair, Dennie, and Jared & Josh. We’re raising the next generation of Goulds to be mindful of sustainable farming practices while encouraging their love of agriculture. 

In 1890

Gould Farms began in 1890 with James E. Gould.  He tilled much of the prairie in the Liscomb area with his team and “Breaking Plow”. That very same land that James tilled is still being worked by the Goulds today!


















Jay bought a corn picker when Clair and Neil went into the military during WWII because he couldn’t pick that much corn by himself.

144 Bushels


Clair’s 144 Bushel Day was unheard of in the 1930s!

















In 2018

All of the generations have seen great progress in machinery, seed and technology.  Neil and Clair went from hand-picking 144 bushel of corn per day with a horse drawn wagon to combines that harvest over 3000 bushels of corn per hour that steer from satellites!



Then and Now.

Latest News

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