Harvest 2018 Has Begun

For Gould Farms Harvest 2018 officially began on Sunday.  For me this means if I want to see my husband for any substantial amount of time I need to go to him. Granted as I’m typing this it’s raining so they aren’t cutting beans. This of course means that I made plans with some girlfriends tonight and therefore won’t be home to see him. I’m great at making plans on days that ultimately end up being early nights for the farm. It’s one of my super powers.

Let me break down for you what a normal day holds for the farm during harvest. *Disclaimer; there never ends up being a normal day but we can have goals. There will be 4-5 people in machinery – combines, chase cart, or semis (none of which I can operate and I plan on keeping it this way because that amount of power and money under my control is frightening). The vast majority of the time that the guys are in the field someone is there to operate our scale. Whoever is trucking in is running moisture checks, adjusting the dryer and keeping an eye on the grain leg. The hours vary by day and weather, the challenges vary by crop and field, and the hope is that nothing breaks. And they don’t stop until the last kernel is out and all the equipment is put away.

View from the top of the grain leg.

I’m going to back track a little, the scale is where Brittney comes in and I help a little. She is pivotal to harvest. All the crazy hours that are being done in the fields are also being done back at ‘home’. She keeps up with all the paperwork, spreadsheets, bills etc. I honestly didn’t realize the massive amount of paperwork behind the scenes of a successful farm.  She also feeds the farm lunch a few days a week, does livestock chores, and did I mention has 2 kids….the laundry alone is daunting. They are all a well-oiled machine (pun intended) that, with the help of a few seasonal workers, runs very smoothly.

That disclaimer from before is where I come in.  Since I work in town I am tasked with getting parts, depending on the time of day. When the kids have activities then I fill in running the scale and help prepare lunch if on the weekend. Finally I am the gopher, I run people from one field to another when equipment needs moved and I take out snacks when everyone needs a pick me up. Comparatively my portion is very small but I love this time of year because it’s when I most feel like part of the farm. Farms get very little positive publicity these days, but what they do get goes to the man in the tractor. Whichever the farm and whoever the person running the equipment they all deserve more gratitude than I can share. So do the people supporting them: families that are in the thick of it, mechanics that come out night and day, business owners who open early and close late to accommodate them, friends that understand you can’t watch the big game on Saturday, and everyone in between.

Chase Cart

No, I don’t get to see Josh as much as I would like but I get to talk to everyone else on the farm more as we’re driving down gravel roads. Yes, things are crazy and it takes much more planning than people realize but it keeps me on my toes. No, I don’t know exactly when I’m going to eat lunch on the weekends but it’s usually on a tailgate, with a beautiful view, surrounded by our farm family, and the food is damn good. Yes, I am a town girl turned farm wife and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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