Friends on the Farm

Last Friday we had some friends come out to the farm. One of my best friends brought her 2 kids out to play with Jared & Brittney’s 2 kids. We had a great time playing football, t-ball, eating pork chops, watching the storm roll through and going to the barn. I know the kids had a lot of fun playing together but the highlight was definitely the barn and the animals.

The barn is Brittney’s domain; she is out there at least twice a day if not more. The animals we (I say we but everyone will agree they are Britt and the kid’s animals) have are for 4H purposes. Yes, some do go to market but the main purpose is to keep the blood line going for the kids to show. We have sheep and a few cows. Our niece is in her first year of being a Clover Bud. She will be taking a bottle lamb and a bucket calf to county fair this July. Our nephew just graduated from Clover Bud so he is officially in 4H now. He will be taking 2 steers and 2 ewes, the last I heard anyway. I’m learning what all goes into 4H right along with the kids. This isn’t something I participated in and despite growing up 2 miles from the fairgrounds we never went to county fair, so it’s all new to me. Thankfully the kids like to answer my silly questions so I can learn.

So we all went out to help with evening chores which consist of feeding everyone, locking the sheep in the barn, spraying down the steers, combing and blow drying them, and putting them out for the night. I have officially learned how to comb a steer after its quick bath but haven’t graduated to blow drying them yet. Like me, our friends on the farm were enamored with the lambs and the bucket calf but were leery of the massive steers. Granted we put a healthy dose of fear in them about how powerful Raider and Chief are. (All show animals need names in my book so I use the names the kids pick.) Shrek the calf is much more their speed, until he started to lick them.

They had plenty of questions about the animals. Eww, why is he licking me?! How old is he? How much do they eat? Why do sheep sound like that? They weigh what? Mom, how much do I weigh? Where are their moms? Why do I need to stay away from that fence? (it’s electric) Can I spray the cow? – I’ll stop there because this could go on for a while.

It’s great to be able to share agriculture in all its forms with our friends. We’re hoping they can come watch the shows at county fair to see all the hard work pay off. My sister-in-law, nephew, and niece all astound me with the time and energy they put into these animals lives and well being. Hopefully I will continue to learn about how to care for them and maybe even get comfortable enough to lead a steer one day. Thanks for coming to the site – check our Instagram page for great pictures!

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