Farming Amidst Covid

Well it’s not breaking news that Covid-19 has taken over our world as we know it. I do want to give you all an update of how we are doing. First and foremost, we are all happy and healthy. That is our focus right now while keeping life as normal as possible. I am still working in Marshalltown as we have been deemed essential. As much as that can cause some stress I’m thankful that myself and my co-workers have steady pay coming in. I am thankful that my company has taken safety precautions to keep us all safe so my schedule has changed but we will make it through. For me the toughest thing is not seeing my parents. They are both home and I’m used to seeing them multiple times a week. They will be my first stop when it’s allowed but we need to keep them safe.

Beautiful picture taken by a dear friend of ours.

Now for the family and farm side of things. We are running pretty close to normal. I keep saying that farmers were social distancing before it was all the rage. How much more distance can you ask for than a farmer in a tractor by themselves for 12 hours a day? We have kept our circle pretty small and doing our best to keep our distance in the shop if we are there at the same time. The guys have been keeping busy by making waterways, working on a few tile spots, doing anhydrous application and using our new vertical till.  

The biggest change for the family has been the kids being home from school. Brittney has been wearing more hats at once than I ever thought possible. Wyatt has officially become a part time farm hand. He completes his school work in the morning and then gets to the shop to help with anything and everything he can. Clara is keeping busy with her school work and with her animals at the barn. She just got her bucket calf this week and has named him Charlie. As much as I know the kids miss their teachers, friends and their routine it has been fun to have them around. The guys even had a tape measure reading day and I think everyone learned a lot.  

One perk of my odd work schedule is that I have more days at home. Clara and I were able to go exploring the other day and had a great time. We walked up a crick that we have running through a field. We threw some rocks, talked about what may live in the water, saw some wildlife and even blew some bubbles. As hard as these times can be we must be grateful for the time we have with our families. 

Now if the weather could cooperate we could get in the full swing of planting. Then the guys really will be gone and spread out all over the place. Thanks for checking in on us and please wave from the road if you see them in a field!

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