Catch Up

Things have been so crazy the past few months that now we are all in catch up mode, farm and personally. When harvest is in full swing we get blinders on and concentrate on little else. Here’s a brief summary of harvest: we survived. No, but really that’s what it felt like at times. We got started and then had to stop for 2 weeks because of rain. I thought we were going to have one of our earliest finishes to then being afraid we wouldn’t get the crop out of the fields before the snow flew. Which technically we didn’t because we had a weird little snow storm in the middle of October but thankfully it didn’t stick. We did have a few minor break downs, some late night parts runs, and some very late nights and early mornings to get caught up.  With everyone pulling together we got it done and every bean and kernel of corn is in the bins. It is a great feeling for all when that last truck load comes in, you can probably hear our collective signs of relief from a mile away.

Wyatt shooting

Now all the little projects around the farm, barn, and house can be completed. We have time to meet up with friends, bank some hours of sleep, watch some basketball, celebrate the holidays, and enjoy our hobbies. Don’t worry though, the guys have already started down the check list of what needs serviced over the winter and Brit is in full swing with all the paperwork that follows a successful harvest. The kids are busy with school, swim lessons, basketball and even wrestling this year.

The other exciting news this time of the year is around the livestock.  We have 2 lambs on the ground as of this morning!  Once all the lambs are born they will decide which will be best for the kids to show at county fair. Wyatt has a young heifer and steer at the barn that he is raising and working with for 4H. Clara’s bottle calf will be here before we know it.  There is a lot of activity and so much growth happening at the barn. I need to get out there more but I make the ewes nervous since they don’t know me and I don’t want to stress them out when they’re so close to lambing.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Clara and the new lamb

Thankful that we had a good harvest and the pace can slow down a bit this winter.  Actually get to have supper with my husband every night, takes some getting used to each year. Before we know it the snow will have melted, the ground thawed, and they will be back out in the tractors. Better enjoy this while we can.

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