Blessed To Be Busy

Yes I should have had probably 10 blog posts since my last one but that’s why I’m going with Blessed To Be Busy for this one. Life has been crazy – but isn’t it always and for everyone? That is the greatest and worst part about life. Always having somewhere to go, something to cook or clean, errands to run or people to see. But when we so often look at those things as negatives shouldn’t we see them as positives? I am blessed because I have a job to go to every day. I am blessed because I have a church family to see at least once a week. I am blessed because I have a home to clean. I am blessed because I have food in my fridge to cook for supper. I am blessed because I have family and friends to see and cherish. I am willing to bet you all have very similar statements you could make.

That being said I am going to tell you about a few of the blessings that have been keeping us all running around. The holidays were, as always, wonderful and went by too quickly. This year Josh and I decided to do gifts of time instead of traditional presents with Jared’s entire household. We have yet to set dates for some but will be doing so very soon. We took Wyatt to a Iowa Wild Hockey game and got glass seats. I highly recommend going and getting glass seats if possible. It’s a great time! We enjoyed it so much that Josh and I went back for a date night. Clara and I will be going to the Blank Park Zoo to do a behind the scenes tour and even get to feed some animals with the zookeepers. Brittney and I will be going wine tasting and eat way too much cheese at a wine bar in Marshalltown called Tannin. Josh and Jared will be going paint balling before spring season officially hits as well. We had so much fun paint balling with Wyatt last year the big boys decided they needed a trip as well.

Despite what many may think the farm is still busy as ever. Brittney and the kids have successfully had another lambing season. There were a set of triplets, only a couple singles and the rest were all twins. In total we have just over 30 lambs at the barn right now and they are growing like crazy. Wyatt has 2 heifers at the barn that he is working with every day for his 4H project. And don’t ever think that you won’t find Clara right in the mix when it comes to the animals. She is an animal lover through and through. She is continually teaching me things about the livestock every time I’m at the barn. The guys have been working at least 6 days a week all winter getting equipment washed up, serviced, and ready for the seasons to come. Even with all this going on Dennie was able to sneak away for a week to see a good friend that lives in California. I was quite jealous of the slight tan and vitamin D boost he came back with. Wyatt has also been keeping us all busy with his basketball and wrestling tournaments. He’s becoming quite the athlete and is practicing his new wrestling moves on his Dad and uncle at every opportunity.

Although I am sorry for not posting more frequently I also will never be sorry for living this crazy adventure we call life. My family, friends, and this farm are the best things to be burdened and blessed with. I challenge you to see that to do list on your counter as a list of blessings, it’s difficult at times but that’s what makes life all the better.

If you have anything special you would like to read about or questions please leave a comment. Thanks for coming to the site – check our Instagram page for great pictures!

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